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Schmidt Library Policies

ILL Policy

Effective Date: April 22, 2019  
Last Revised:
Review Period: Annually
Policy Owner: Megan Blount, Interlibrary Loan Specialist
Our policy is based on the interlibrary loan code set forth by the American Library Association. 
Retrieved from 
1.0 Definition
1.1 Interlibrary Loan is often abbreviated to ILL. It is a service through which patrons can request to borrow materials that Schmidt Library does not currently own.
1.2 “Materials" can include books, DVDs, microfilm, scores, and some periodicals which are returnable, as well as journal articles, book chapters, and other non-returnable items.
1.3 “Patrons” of Schmidt Library’s ILL services will refer to current York College of Pennsylvania students, staff, and faculty, retirees, as well as current faculty of York Country Day School. Students enrolled in York College of Pennsylvania’s dual enrollment program are also eligible as patrons. 
1.4 Schmidt Library uses both ILLiad and EZ Borrow software to perform interlibrary loan functions.
2.0 Purpose
2.1 The purpose of interlibrary loan is to obtain, upon request of a patron, material not available at Schmidt Library. Interlibrary loan is primarily intended to provide a patron with a physical loan for a defined period or a non-returnable copy or scan from another library.
3.0 Scope
3.1 This policy regulates the exchange of material between Schmidt Library and libraries in the United States and abroad.  
3.2 International transactions are governed by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.
3.3 Schmidt Library does not offer ILL services to alumni, community borrowers, or grade school students, unless they are in dual enrollment at York College of Pennsylvania. 
4.0 Responsibilities as the Requesting Library
4.1 Establish, update, and make available an interlibrary borrowing policy. 
4.2 Ensure the confidentiality of the library user. 
4.3 Describe completely and accurately the requested material following accepted bibliographic practice.  
4.4 Note any special requirements regarding the format needed, specified shipping address, or use of the material on the request sent to potential supplying libraries.  
4.5 Identify libraries that own the requested material.  Check and adhere to the policies of potential supplying libraries.  
4.6 When no libraries can be identified as owning the needed material, requests may be sent to libraries believed likely to own the material. 
4.7 Transmit interlibrary loan requests electronically unless otherwise specified by the supplying library.  
4.8 Comply with U.S copyright law (Title 17, U.S. Code) and be aware of related guidelines for copy requests.  
4.9 Assume responsibility for borrowed material from the time it leaves the supplying library until it has been returned to and received by the supplying library. This includes all material shipped directly to and/or returned by the user. If damage or loss occurs, provide compensation or replacement, in accordance with the preference of the supplying library. 
4.10 Pay promptly any service, replacement, or damage fees charged by the supplying library. 
4.11 Assume full responsibility for user-initiated transactions.  
4.12 Honor the due date and enforce any usage restrictions specified by the supplying library. Unless otherwise indicated, the due date is defined as the date by which the material is due to be checked in at the requesting library for return to the supplying library.  
4.13 Request a renewal before the item is due whenever possible. If the supplying library does not respond, the requesting library may assume that a renewal has been granted, extending the due date by the same length of time as the original loan.
4.14 Respond immediately if the supplying library recalls an item. All borrowed material is subject to recall at any time.   
4.15 Package material to prevent damage or loss in shipping and comply with any special instructions stated by the supplying library.  
4.16 Failure to comply with the provisions of this code may result in suspension of our service by a supplying library.
5.0 Responsibilities as the Supplying Library
5.1 Establish, update, and make available an interlibrary lending policy, contact information, and a service schedule.
5.2 Ensure the confidentiality of the library user.  
5.3 If it is necessary to charge service fees, make available a fee schedule as part of an interlibrary lending policy. Bill any service, replacement, or damage fees promptly. 
5.4 Consider filling all requests for material regardless of format or the collection in which it is housed.  
5.5 Process requests in a timely manner, recognizing the needs of the requesting library and/or the requirements of the resource sharing system being used. If unable to fill a request, respond promptly and state the reason the request cannot be filled.  
5.6 Send sufficient information to identify the particular request when filling or communicating about requests.  
5.7 Indicate the due date, any restrictions on the use of the material, and any special return packaging or shipping requirements. The due date is defined as the date the material is due to be checked in at the requesting library for return to the supplying library.  
5.8 Ship material by the fastest method reasonably available to the location specified by the requesting library. Package loaned material to prevent damage or loss.  
5.9 Respond promptly to requests for renewals. If the supplying library does not respond, the requesting library may assume that a renewal has been granted, extending the due date by the same length of time as the original loan. 
5.10 Schmidt Library may recall loaned material at any time.
5.11 Deliver copies electronically whenever possible. Provide complete and legible copies, and adhere to any special scanning instructions of the requesting library. 
5.12 Schmidt Library may suspend service to a requesting library if it fails to comply with the provisions of this code.


What is ILL? 
ILL stands for Interlibrary Loan. It is a service through which patrons can request to borrow materials that Schmidt Library does not currently own. These materials can include books, journal articles, DVDs, microfilm, scores, and some periodicals. 

Schmidt Library uses a program called ILLiad to process most ILL requests. 

EZ Borrow
EZ Borrow is similar to ILLiad, where patrons can borrow books that we do not currently own. EZ Borrow is used for requesting books only. 

ILL vs. EZ Borrow
Both systems allow patrons to borrow materials, but with EZ Borrow you can only borrow books. EZ Borrow requests also typically arrive faster than ILLiad requests, within 3-5 days of the initial request. 

Make an Interlibrary Loan Request!

Interlibrary Loan FAQs

Who May Use Interlibrary Loan Services?
York College retirees, current students, staff, faculty, and the York Country Day faculty have access to ILL services. Students in the dual enrollment program at YCP will also have access.
Students who do not have dual enrollment at YCP do not have access to ILL. Alumni and community borrowers also will not be able to use ILL. 

How many items may be requested?
There is no limit for the number of items which can be requested. 

How long will it take?
Articles will typically be received within a week of the initial request. 
Book requests through ILLiad are also typically received within a week, however, rarer items, or items which have to come from overseas may take longer to acquire. 
EZ Borrow books typically arrive 3-5 days after a patron has put a request in

Will the loan terms be the same as those at Schmidt Library?
Loan terms are set by the lending library, but typically last for approximately 1 month. 
EZ Borrow allows 6 week loan periods. 

How much does it cost?
This service is free for patrons. Schmidt Library covers the cost of shipping materials between lending libraries. 

What about late fees?
There are no late fees for ILL items. However, if a book becomes significantly overdue the lending library will charge a replacement fee unless the book is returned.

What if I lose or damage a borrowed book?
If a book is lost or damaged while in the patron’s possession, they will be responsible for either buying a replacement copy of the book, or paying the replacement cost. The interlibrary loan specialist will contact the lending library for their replacement policy. 

Lending to Other Libraries
Schmidt Library also loans materials to other libraries. If an item is on loan to another library, it can be recalled which tells the borrowing library that one of our patrons needs the book returned as quickly as possible.

Duration of Loan
Books acquired through ILL have a 6 week loan period. If a book is need for longer, it can be renewed. There are some instances when the lending library will not allow a renewal. In these cases, the patron will need to submit a new ILL request for the item, and then return the current copy to the Help Desk. 

Lending Fees to Other Libraries
We do not charge lending fees to other libraries. 

Electronic delivery charges
There are no electronic delivery charges.

RUSH requests/charges
There is no charge for rush requests. 

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