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York College of Pennsylvania, Schmidt Library

Schmidt Library Policies


Effective Date:  October 2018

Last Revised: October 16, 2023

Review Period:   Annually

Policy Owner:  Librarians

:: The Library Circulation Policy explains the privileges and responsibilities of all who borrow materials from the Schmidt Library. One of the library’s highest priorities is to enable easy access to our integrated collection of electronic, print, audio-visual, and microform materials in order to support York College’s teaching, learning, and research needs. The policy aims to ensure that access to materials is equally available for the entire York College community.

Borrower Responsibility

Borrowers are responsible for all materials charged to their account until items have been physically returned and checked in by LTS staff.  In addition, it is the borrower's responsibility to:

  •     Contact the library directly to update residential and e-mail address changes;
  •     Know when materials are due by checking the Schmidt Library Catalog's My Account service;
  •     Renew material(s) on or before the due dates;
  •     Return recalled materials promptly; and
  •     Exercise care in handling all library materials.

Additionally, the York College Student Code of Conduct states a philosophy based on fairness, honesty, and respecting the rights and dignity of others in all transactions. These ethical behaviors are expected to be upheld by the community regardless of whether or not the specifics of a situation are regulated by policy or law. Library and Technology Services (LTS) asks borrowers to embrace this philosophy in all library matters.

Borrowers who abuse provisions in the Circulation Policy, disrupt library service, purposefully mutilate or wrongfully remove library materials or equipment, or treat others disrespectfully while within the library may be referred to Student Affairs, Campus Safety, or other authorities as appropriate.

Library Notices

Library notices include renewal reminders, overdue notices, and recall requests. All library notices to borrowers will be sent only to their official York College email account. The library is not responsible for delivery to incorrect or misdirected alternate accounts.

Since library accounts can also be checked online using the Schmidt Library Catalog’s My Account feature, lack of email notice delivery does not excuse the borrower from responsibility for overdue materials and recalls.

Borrowers - ID Cards          

All YCP borrowers must have a valid YCP ID card for all transactions. ID cards are not transferable. All YCP full time and adjunct faculty, full- and part-time, administrators, and York Country Day School faculty are issued free ID cards, which must be relinquished at termination of employment.  Retired YCP faculty and staff members also are issued free ID cards. There is no charge to replace a lost faculty/staff/administration card.           

All YCP students are issued free student photo ID cards by the Campus Safety Office. This card must be relinquished upon graduation or other termination of student status

  • The Campus Safety office replaces lost cards for a fee.
  • A free alumni card is issued to any YCP graduate.

Any YCP graduate applying for a free alumni card their graduation verified and identification must be provided.

  • There is no renewal fee.

Any spouse or child of a YCP employee may apply for a free community member card.

  • Applicant must present current identification.
  • The card is valid as long as the spouse or parent is a YCP employee.

Any person may apply for a community member card. Cards will be granted only to individuals.  Library Staff members reserve the right to refuse to issue a member card.

  • Applicants must present current identification.
  • Valid address, phone and email information must be provided.
  • The card is valid for three years.
  • The card holder can check up to 5 books (no DVD/CDs)

Members of ACLCP (Associated College Libraries of Central Pennsylvania) offer reciprocal borrowing arrangements to currently enrolled students, and current faculty and staff of all member institutions.          

  • YCP members in good standing can use other ACLCP libraries by showing a valid YCP ID and provide a valid address, phone and email information.
  • Students from other ACLCP institutions can present valid ACLCP IDs and receive the same borrowing privileges as YCP students, except for Instructional Media  equipment.

Any York Country Day School student may be issued a community member card.

  • Applicant must present proper identification, including YCD affiliation.
  • Valid address, phone and email information must be provided.
  • There is no fee for YCDS students

Any York Hospital physician or management personnel may be issued a community member card.

  • Applicants must present proper identification, including York Hospital affiliation.
  • Valid address, phone and email information must be provided.
  • There is no fee for York Hospital physicians and management personal.

Other individuals or institutions interested in community member borrowing privileges may be granted them at the discretion of the Library Director or his/her designee.

Faculty and departmental Administrative Assistants may obtain special cards that allow their work study students to check out and purchase materials for them. Student workers need both the special card and the faculty member's ID.

Borrowing Materials

Borrowers must present a current valid YCP ID or community card to check out materials. The loan periods for library materials may vary based on the material type and the privilege level of the borrower. Some collections may have shorter loan periods, and some materials may only be used in the library.


Borrowing / Renewing

Borrowing Periods

Material Faculty/Staff Students Alumni ACLCP Community
Books 180 days 28 days 28 days 28 days 28 days
Popular Reading 28 days 28 days 28 days 28 days 28 days
Reserves 2 hours in library use 2 hours in library use None None None
Periodicals 14 days None None None None
DVD 28 days 7 days 7 days 7 days None
CD 180 days 28 days 28 days 28 days In Library


Returning Materials

If not renewed, library materials must be returned on or before the due date. Some, however, do not. Therefore, it is never advisable to consider the grace period as part of the official loan period. Note that the book return bin quickly becomes full during final exams and holidays. Please do not place items partially in, next to, or on top of an overfull book return bin. Library materials are never due on college holidays to ensure that patrons have the opportunity to return materials to the LTS Help Desk on time.

In order to prevent damage, fragile items should not be placed in the return bin. In addition, equipment, reserves, interlibrary loan materials, and DVDs, should be returned directly to the LTS Help Desk.

Library policy is not to remove an item from a borrower’s account unless it is physically in hand. We can therefore not discharge an item simply on request. If you believe you have returned an item that still appears on your account, contact the library and request a search. LTS staff will thoroughly search the shelves for the item.

Renewing Materials

Standard circulating materials may be renewed up to 2 times before they must be returned. Reserve and recalled materials cannot be renewed. Renewals may be accomplished in one of 4 ways:

  •     In person, at the LTS help desk,
  •     Via e-mail;
  •     My Account feature;
  •     Over the phone, by contacting the LTS help desk.

All 4 methods require the borrower‘s ID.  The Library Catalog's My Account feature requires the borrower‘s user-created PIN


The recall system was developed in order to ensure equal access to library materials for all borrowers. Materials requested by another borrower or needed for course reserves may be recalled at any time. The due date for the recalled item will be revised to a new, shorter loan period. There is no grace period, and a recalled item returned past the revised due date will have a fine.

For each item recalled, an email notice is sent informing the borrower of the new due date. Negligence on the part of the borrower to read his or her email does not remove the responsibility to return the item by its new due date. Once an item has been recalled, it cannot be reversed. All recalls are assumed to represent a legitimate need by another borrower, and the library does not arbitrate between borrowers as to who has the greater need. Because a recall can be placed at any time, it is advisable to return all materials before traveling for extended periods of time.

Overdue Materials

Failure to return library materials on time will result in the accruement of fines. Course reserves and other short-term loans must be returned on or before the time- of- day due in order to avoid fines.


Effective Date: September 19, 2017

Last Revised:

Review Period:  Ongoing

Policy Owner: Reserves Department

:: Schmidt Library will provide the opportunity to make supplemental course material available to students through online e-reserves and physical reserves. Reserves will be processed using best practice guidelines for fair use and copyright. Reserves will be provided at no cost to students and will be protected by password for e-reserves and by student checkout for physical reserves.

For more information about library policy concerning course reserves, please see Information on copyright and fair use is available at and

:: E-Reserves Guidelines:

  1. Submit reserve at least one week before needed by students.
  2. All items must have complete citation information.
    1. For books that includes: title, author, publisher, year of copyright and page numbers. A scan of copyright page is helpful.
    2. For journals that includes: title of journal, title of article, author(s) of article, volume and issue of journal, and page numbers.
  3. Scans of articles or book chapters may be physically brought to the library. All scans should be clear and legible.  Reserve Request Forms are available at the Library Help Desk. If you need an item scanned, this may be done on a limited basis by library staff upon request. Scanners are also available in the library.
  4. Scans of articles or book sections may be emailed to the staff member responsible for reserves.
    1. All emails should include citation information, name of course and course number, preferred title of e-reserve, time frame for reserve (full semester or specific dates), and name of faculty.
  5. Scanned articles or book chapters will be archived. However, all e-reserves will be available for one semester at a time. E-reserves must be renewed each semester and copyright, if needed, will be paid for each semester used.
  6. Up to 10 percent of a book may be placed on e-reserve. This may be continuous pages or various paging. If a chapter is more than 10 percent, one chapter may be placed on reserve.
  7. If more than 10 percent of a book will be needed by students, the entire book may be placed on physical reserve as an alternative to e-reserves.
  8. All e-reserve courses must have a password. The password should be changed each calendar year.
  9. Items that are not available through Schmidt Library holdings and for which copyright cannot be obtained (or are cost prohibitive) may be refused for reserve.
  10. Any reserve that falls outside of guidelines may be decided on a case-by-case basis.

:: Physical Reserve Guidelines:

  1. Submit reserve at least one week before needed by students.
  2. Reserve Request Forms are available at the Library Help Desk. Please include: name of course and course number, time frame for reserve, name and contact information of faculty.
  3. Library materials to be placed on reserve should be pulled from shelves and brought to the Library Help Desk. If you need to have items pulled, this may be done on a limited basis by library staff upon request.
  4. Personal copies of an item may be placed on reserve. These items must be picked up from the library at the end of the semester unless other arrangements are made. Be aware that stickers and tape may be applied to an item when it is put on physical reserve.
  5. Any item with additional content via the internet with access code security identification will not be placed on reserve.
  6. Most items are available for two-hour, in-library use. However, items may be placed on one- to three-day reserve and be permitted to be taken from the library.


Material Physical reserve E-reserve
Schmidt Library book Yes Yes, up to 10 percent or one chapter
Faculty-owned book Yes Yes, (up to 10 percent or one chapter) with copyright permission, or if purchased by library, or if book placed on physical reserve
Library-owned DVD or CD Yes No
Faculty-owned DVD or CD Yes No
Article available online at YCP No Yes, as secure link
Article available in print at YCP No Yes, as attached file
Article not available online or in print from YCP No Yes, with copyright permission
Interlibrary loan or E-ZBorrow book No No

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