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FYS 100 - Herr

Group Citation Practice

Together in class we will be correcting the following citation:

Magrone, Thea, Matteo A. Russo, and Emilio Jirillo. "Cocoa and Dark Chocolate Polyphenols: From Biology to Clinical Applications." Frontiers in Immunology, vol. 8, 2017, pp. 677.


Database: PubMed Central

URL/DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2017.00677

Partner Citation Practice

Click here to practice correcting citations with a partner.

Kerimi, Asimina, and Gary Williamson. "The Cardiovascular Benefits of Dark Chocolate." Vascular Pharmacology, vol. 71, 2015, pp. 11-15.


Database: ScienceDirect


  • Work with a partner to correct the citation.
  • Use the handouts from class or the Valencia guide

Individual Citation Practice

Click here to practice correcting citations.

  • You'll be given the automatic citation and source information for 3 sources.
  • Choose the correct citation from the list of options.
  • When you are done, begin correcting your citations and enter them into your works cited section.

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