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FYS 100 - Be the Change - Slaysman, Wright, and Trippett

This guide will help you research chapters two and three of your Signature Story assignment.

Career Overview Research

The first step in your research process will be choosing a career to study.

  1. Government data is usually the best place to start. This information comes directly from government agencies on what it takes to enter a specific health career.
  2. If you're still struggling to choose a career to study, consider searching for your career using one of our ebook databases. The information here tends to be easier to read. So, usually you will take the name of a career in this book into a search on government websites above.

Website Evaluation

Most of the career information we need to complete our assignment actually lives out in the wider web beyond our library resources. Any time we move beyond library databases, we need to be extra careful that our sources our trustworthy. Usually, this means applying the CRAAP test.

Government Data

Ebook Databases

Find ebooks to read 24/7 using these databases.

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