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York College of Pennsylvania, Schmidt Library

CM 341 - Video Production II - Rund

What can you do here?

This guide will help you locate information on topics related to research for your documentary.

Keep in mind, you may not find articles or information about the specific event or place, but we can still learn more about the context of their situation.

Where to Search

  • Book/Background

    • Books are the single best type of source for identifying historical context. In history research, much of the information you find will come from here.
  • Articles/Databases

    • Find information from experts and researchers on a given topic here. Often, you will visit articles and databases after looking at book sources in order to find more analysis on a specific event.
  • Newspapers

    • Contains first-hand accounts of events. See transcripts and scans of original articles reporting on the issues of the day. Visit here if you know a specific date or event to research.
  • Primary Sources

    • A wide collection of documents including newspapers, photographs, sound recordings, and more from the people who where present at the time. Requires specific knowledge of a theme, event, or a date in order to help locate relevant materials.


Articles, Ebooks, and more is a tool to help you locate source. Begin your research here!

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