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Why books?

Books are often the best place to start your research. They help provide factsfigures, and basic background information on your topic, things everyone in this discipline should already know.

Books are also a great place to find ideas for your research topic. Use headings, bold words, and chapter titles to discover what research is available in this field.

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Ebook Databases

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Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Encyclopedia of Sociology, 2nd ed.

Contains articles covering core issues such as race, poverty, violence, economics, pregnancy and abortion, and privacy.

Encyclopedia of African American Society

Covers all aspects of the African-American experience from 1619 to the present day. Using biographies, historical essays, and thematic pieces, many written by foremost scholars, it addresses a wide array of subjects that define the cultural roots, participation in American life, and current condition of the African-American community.

Encyclopedia of Aging

Encompasses all aspects of aging, covering a variety of disciplines including biology, medicine, economics, law psychology, sociology and history, and also explores related issues such as religion, spirituality, and ethics. Also provides a topical outline and primary source documents.

Encyclopedia of American Urban History

With contributions from leading academics in their fields, this authoritative resource offers an interdisciplinary approach by covering topics from economics, geography, anthropology, politics, and sociology. Addresses the rise of urban America with a focus on the 20th century in the United States.

Encyclopedia of Anthropology

A collection of over 1,000 entries that focus on topics in physical/biological anthropology, archaeology, cultural/social anthropology, linguistics, and applied anthropology. Also included are relevant articles on geology, paleontology, biology, evolution, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and theology.

Encyclopedia of Black Studies

Provides research on the Black experience, containing a full analysis of the economic, political, sociological, historical, literary, and philosophical issues related to Americans of African descent. Beginning with the protests at San Francisco State College in 1967 that led to the first degree-granting department of Black Studies, the field's rapid growth over time necessitates an authoritative account of the discipline.

Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society

Presents the social and cultural history of childhood from antiquity to the present. Children and Childhood examines this history through articles on education, parenting, child labor, economics, images of childhood, children's literature, play, toys and games, health, physiology, law, the criminal justice system and social welfare.

Encyclopedia of Community

Summarizes everything we know about how we humans come together. Community itself is a concept, an experience, and a central part of being human. The encyclopedia covers communities of the past and present, from 19th century utopians, to the communes of the 1960's, to today's Rotary Club, Amish, and cyber communities.

Encyclopedia of Disability

Authoritative resource covering the many faces of disability as it pertains to daily experience. Includes primary source documents in the field of disability.

Encyclopedia of Evaluation

Authoritative source covering the who, what, where, why, and how of the field of evaluation. Covering professional practice as well as academia, it chronicles the development of the field, its history, key figures, theories, approaches, and goals. Entries capture the essence of evaluation as a practice (methods, techniques, roles, people), as a profession (professional obligations, shared knowledge, ethical imperatives, events, places) and as a discipline (theories and models of evaluation, ontological and epistemological issues).

Encyclopedia of Food and Culture

A survey of food and its place in human culture and society. Features multidisciplinary coverage of such topics as comfort food, ethnicity and food, medieval banquets, and nutrient composition, among many others. Includes photographs, illustrations, sidebars, recipes, menus, and timelines.

Encyclopedia of Gerontology, 2nd ed.

Covers research on the study of aging. Explores the many influences that bring change to individuals over the life span. Influences range from genetics to physiology, sociology, psychology, and anthropology. Physical, social, and economic environments as well as the traditions of families and religion also influence human life.

Encyclopedia of Homelessness

Resource that systematically organizes and summarizes what we know about homelessness. Focus is on the United States, with a comparative sampling of homelessness around the world. Offers a historical perspective as well as data, views, and perspectives of experts from different disciplines and perspectives.

Encyclopedia of Human Relationships

Offers an interdisciplinary view of all types of human associations-friends, lovers, spouses, roommates, coworkers, teammates, parents and children, cousins, siblings, acquaintances, neighbors, business associates, and so forth. Reviews theories, concepts, and empirical findings about human relationships.

Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American West

Providing much more than ethnic groups crossing the plains, landing at ports, or crossing borders, this resource makes the history of the American West an important part of the American experience. Includes focused biographies, community histories, economic enterprise analysis, and demographic studies that present the tapestry of the West and its population during various periods of migration. Examines the settling of the West and movements of American Indians, African Americans, and the role of women in the West's development.

Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence

From assisted suicide and battered women to human trafficking and sex offenders, this guide provides an excellent overview of research on interpersonal violence. Also provides research-supported entries on violence as a global problem in the form of war, genocide, terrorism, and rape of women as a weapon of war.

Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, 2nd ed.

Examines the anthropological, sociological, historical, economic, and scientific theories of race and racism in the modem era. Delves into the historic origins of ideas of race and racism and explores their social and scientific consequences. Includes biographies of significant theorists, as well as political and social leaders and notorious racists.

SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods

Defines and explains core concepts, describes the techniques involved in the implementation of qualitative methods, and presents an overview of qualitative approaches to research. Covers every major facet of qualitative methods, including access to research participants, data coding, research ethics, and the role of theory in qualitative research.

SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods

Offers an all-encompassing education in the ways of social science researchers. Written to be accessible to general readers, entries do not require any advanced knowledge or experience to understand the purposes and basic principles of any of the methods.

Encyclopedia of Social Theory

Reference source with topics on the roots of contemporary social theory. Examines the global landscape of all the key theories and the theorists behind them, presenting them in the context needed to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Encyclopedia of War and American Society

Examines the numerous ways wars affect societies. Covers a wide range of general thematic categories, issues, and topics that address not only the geopolitical effects of war, but also show how the U.S. engagement in national and international conflicts has affected the social and cultural arena. Focuses mostly on the last 100 years to give more coverage on this often neglected wartime era.

SAGE Encyclopedia of World Poverty, 2nd ed.

Articles written by scholars provide information and insight into the contemporary debate on poverty. Explores poverty in various regions of the world.

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd ed.

Covers scholarship and fields that have emerged and matured since the publication of the original international edition. Highlights the expanding influence of economics in social science research and features new articles and biographies contributed by scholars from around the world on a wide array of global topics in the social sciences.

Theory in Social and Cultural Anthropology

Features authoritative entries on anthropology theory, both in terms of breadth and depth of coverage.

Handbooks and Guides

The SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Research Design

This Handbook takes readers through the foundational theories, functions, strategies, and approaches to qualitative research design, before showcasing how it negotiates different data and research environments and produces credible, actionable impact beyond the study. Containing contributions from over 90 top scholars from a range of social science disciplines, this Handbook is not just an anthology of different qualitative research designs and how/when to use them; it is a complete exploration of how and why these designs are shaped and how, why, and into what they are evolving. This is a valuable resource for Master's and PhD level students, faculty members, and researchers across a wide range of disciplines such as health, nursing, psychology, social work, sociology, and education.

SAGE Handbook of Research Management

Geared towards helping those new to managing and leading larger-scale research projects in the social sciences and humanities.

21st Century Sociology

Provides a concise forum through which the vast array of knowledge accumulated, particularly during the past three decades, can be organized into a single definitive resource.

Handbook of Death and Dying

Definitive essays covering almost every dimension of the field of thanatology and death-related behavior. Multidisciplinary and cross-cultural coverage.

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