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Why books?

Books are often the best place to start your research. They help provide factsfigures, and basic background information on your topic, things everyone in this discipline should already know.

Books are also a great place to find ideas for your research topic. Use headings, bold words, and chapter titles to discover what research is available in this field.

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Ebook Databases

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Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Buddhism in America

Offering a portrait of the communities, institutions, practices, and individuals that are integral to the contemporary Buddhist landscape, this text assesses American Buddhism as a whole.

Encyclopedia of American Religions, 7th ed.

Comprehensive coverage of more than 2,300 North American religious groups in the U.S. and Canada -- from Adventists to Zen Buddhists.

Encyclopedia of Buddhism

Providing a comprehensive overview of one of Asia's most important religious and social forces, describes the Buddhist world view, basic teachings and practices of Buddhism, as well as its different schools and sects. Also contains entries on Buddhist scriptures, art, architecture, saints, demons, monastic orders, festivals, rites and ceremonies. Explores the history of Buddhism, the different forms it has taken in different parts of the world.

Encyclopedia of Creation Myths

An easy to use volume that addresses the full spectrum of information on the subject, Encyclopedia of Creation Myths is an indispensable reference source for students of mythology, religion, and classical literature as well as for general readers. This comprehensive reference source--the only one of its kind--covers creation myths through the ages, from the legendary sagas of ancient civilizations to modern scientific theories. The pages of Encyclopedia of Creation Myths present dozens of fascinating tales of clever creations, humans emerging from cosmic eggs, and scientists defying centuries-old religious beliefs. The carefully cross-referenced entries feature brilliant retellings of creation myths form all regions of the world, analyses of typical patters, and information on well known characters, archetypal themes in creation myths, and common terms. * Cross-referenced entries

Encyclopedia of Global Religion

Provides a comprehensive overview of the globalization of religious culture and society around the world in both its historical and contemporary aspects.

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World

Looks at Islam's role in the modern world, doing so in the context of the religion's history and development over the last 13 centuries. Contains thematic articles, biographies of key figures, definitions, illustrations, maps and more,

Encyclopedia of Religion, 2nd ed.

Widely regarded as the standard reference work in the field, this edition presents a cross-cultural approach that emphasizes religion's role within everyday life and as a unique experience from culture to culture.

Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual Development

Focuses on the developmental process of religion and spirituality across the human life span. Provides glimpses into the religious and spiritual developmental trajectories of people from all over the world, from many different religious and spiritual backgrounds.

Islam in America

Introduces the basic tenets of the Muslim faith, surveys the history of Islam in this country, and profiles the lifestyles, religious practices, and worldviews of American Muslims.

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