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Why books?

Books are often the best place to start your research. They help provide factsfigures, and basic background information on your topic, things everyone in this discipline should already know.

Books are also a great place to find ideas for your research topic. Use headings, bold words, and chapter titles to discover what research is available in this field.

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The catalog connects you to the physical books, dvds, and magazines our library has to offer.

Ebook Databases for Biology

Find ebooks to read 24/7 using these databases.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries


Offers entries on topics such as key cases in bioethics, the human biome, genetically modified foods, emergency preparedness and response, social justice, sustainability, chemical warfare and torture, among many others. Revised articles explain the events as well as legislation changes of the past decade. Previous editions published as the Encyclopedia of Bioethics.

A Dictionary of Zoology

With over 6,000 entries, A Dictionary of Zoology is a detailed and authoritative guide to all areas of the field. It offers full taxonomic coverage of arthropods, other invertebrates, fish, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and mammals. It also includes terms from the areas of ecology, animal behaviour, evolution, earth history, zoogeography, genetics, and physiology. All entries have been fully revised and updated, making this the most up-to-date reference guide of its kind. There are around 400 entries new to this edition covering areas that include taxonomic groups, prefixes, and widely used descriptive terms. These include articles on micronucleus, stoma, platy-, proto-, and terrestrial. The dictionary is enriched through its useful web links, accessible via the companion website, as well as diagrams and detailed appendices. This fifth edition also includes a new Common Names appendix and three new illustrations.

Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change

Explores major topics related to global warming and climate change-ranging geographically from the North Pole to the South Pole, and thematically from social effects to scientific causes. Covers the science and history of climate change, the controversies over climate-change theories, the role of societies, the industrial and economic factors, and the sociological aspects of climate change.

Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia, 2nd ed.

Covers all types of animals in geographic areas around the world with high-quality articles, photographs, and illustrations. Covers various aspects of zoology, including the behavior, class, and physiology of wild and domestic animals.

Handbooks and Guides

Beacham's Guide to Endangered Species of North America

Comprehensive resource presenting extensive data on the habitats and ecosystems of the more than 1,100 species identified as endangered or threatened by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Arranged geographically. Each entry provides detailed information on each species. Each entry concludes with a summary of recovery efforts.

Environmental Issues, Global Perspectives

Provides a global perspective on environmental issues and concerns. Explores how human population growth has changed the world's natural areas, and how society has responded to these changes.

Plant Sciences

Introduces the fundamentals of plant sciences, such as cells, transportation and photosynthesis, and also examines related fields, such as agribusiness, conservation and ethnobotany. Fully illustrated with margin definitions and sidebars throughout.

Science of Everyday Things

Illustrates the importance of scientific and mathematical principles through their use in everyday life. Each volume focuses on a specific scientific discipline -- biology, chemistry, earth sciences and physics -- offering students an in-depth understanding of each discipline and its theories.

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